How Can I Get More Candidates to Apply to my Job?

photo by People Creations

Are you having a hard time finding quality, experienced candidates for your open job positions? Spending a long time searching for the right hire can take valuable time, money, and resources. It can also make you feel frustrated, exhausted, and hopeless when it seems like you are never going to find a good candidate.

The best way to combat this to make sure you have a wide range of people consistently applying for your open positions. So- how do you get more candidates to apply to your job? Let’s take a look below:

Keep your application process simple and straightforward.

According to, companies can lose up to 90% of potential candidates due to a complicated application process. So, if you are finding your application is exceedingly long, requires candidates to submit multiple documents aside from an application and resume, or requires candidates to set up profiles or join websites, it may be turning potential hires away from your position.

In order to remedy this, try to keep your application to a single page, with an easy one-click method that allows your potential hires to submit their resume along with their application. Try not to include a lot of information in the application that the candidate will already have on their application.

Make sure your job posting is visible and easily accessible.

Be sure that you are consistently posting your open and available positions on websites such as and Linkedin, as well as other social media venues. If your company has a Twitter or Facebook account, making a post about open job opportunities is a great idea.

You will also want to make sure your hiring process is mobile-friendly. With the emergence of smartphones as many people’s primary mode of communication, as well as their main connection to the internet, it’s important that your application can be easily translated to a mobile device.

Make your job posting transparent and informative.

Having a job posting that easily and clearly lays out the exact expectations of your position will be immensely helpful when it comes to finding a good candidate. But, even more than that, you will want to make sure that you are giving all other pertinent information in your job posting as well. This includes an average salary range, the geographical location of your job (and whether or not your hires will have the option to work remotely), and the general hours they will be expected to work, and whether or not those hours are flexible.

      Giving all this information will make it much easier for your potential candidates to ascertain whether or not this job will be a good fit for them, and will help eliminate candidates who would not be able to work certain hours, days, or in certain locations.

      While these are the three main things that will help your company get more high-quality candidates, it’s definitely not the only thing you can do! Having a great, active marketing team, using promotional tools, and having an employee referral program are other tools you can utilize to help with your search for potential hires. Good luck!