Three Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Job board

photo by People Creations

Shuffling through applications to find the right applicant can be tedious and time-consuming; having a website that can connect a recruiter with potential candidates can save time, money and open up your world to potential applicants you didn’t know you needed. This advertising vehicle can receive job applications on behalf of employers and agencies.

Every recruiter has a selected system when obtaining possible applicants for job openings and offerings. This system is relatively dependent on certain factors such as access to information technology, innovative initiatives, and resources available.

The standard application method is the old fashion way of advertising an opening and having applications manually submit their resumes to an address. Many businesses and organizations have changed from the traditional approach and have moved towards accepting resumes and applications through email. Studies have proven this process is tiresome and prolongs the time to hire.

Introducing job boards into the recruitment process has promoted growth from the original method as recruiters admit the most efficient way of finding new applicants is through a career page or job board.

Here at the top four reasons why any company needs a job board:

·  Simplifying the Recruitment Process: Trying to find the right applicant looking one by one isn’t worth the time or investment. If you’re looking to fill multiple positions, the problem can transform into a more significant dilemma. On average, a recruiter spends 2 hours locating and conversing with a single applicant; if a recruiter has 25 people to interview, these hours can add up. A job board can be as specific as needed; a specialized job board focuses on a particular field of expertise. It can cut down the number of potential applicants who can apply, then, in turn, making it easier to scan through applicants. When you reduce the recruitment method, you can save an abundance of time and staffing.

·  Cut Your Recruitment Budget: Although job board advertisements can be expensive, they are considerably cheaper than hiring an in-house recruiter paid by the hour. An average job will cost a company around $250 to fill. Between hiring a recruiter and posting advertisements, costs can start to add up.

·  Data Collection: By operating a job board, you can improve your likelihood of finding applicants with extensive backgrounds. You can then collect and keep past applicants for future openings as you can get an abundance of applications with different experiences and expertise.

·  Work In Harmony With Social Media: While looking to fill a new position, there is no reason you should choose using a job board over your companies social media platform. It would be best to link your job board to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles in all actuality. This process can help increase applications to fill the position and allow more foot traffic on your social media platforms, improving business.