How to Streamline the Hiring Process to Find Top Engineers

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The worldwide IT industry has been drastically influenced by COVID-19 and its changing talent sourcing.

With a number of companies closing down because of the coronavirus and their inability to cope with the virus, the IT industry is one of few industries that are still expecting growth.

Even last year, with a global pandemic, there was a growth in the IT sector.

IT companies all around the world are trying to find experts and fill their teams with top talent. This is excellent news for the tech world, but it can be challenging for the HR and recruitment teams.

The COVID’s effects on the IT industry hiring process

Before Covid 19, there were more than 4 million available job positions in the IT sector. With the start of the pandemic, there was a switch in people’s mindset, and the companies acknowledged the technology as the crucial part in reaching their goals. The challenge was to find top talent. Since the start of the pandemic, companies have invested billions of dollars more each week on technology.

A long hiring process isn’t always the best idea.

A survey revealed that before Covid 19, almost 77% of the developers were full-time employed, and the other was part-time freelancers. “Recruit slow, fire fast” was the recruitment process. The fear of losing your job was real. The unemployment in America has hit a high number, with more than 70% of the population feared for their job position. There were over 100.000 IT jobs lost in the US as a direct result of the pandemic crisis, and that’s pretty scary to think because of the fact that the technology jobs were the least affected by the pandemic. This resulted in a war between tech companies to acquire the best available engineers. By the time the developer progress to the final stages of the hiring process, another company might steal him and offer him better job conditions, so you have to react quickly to look down for the best talents. 

The best hiring strategies you need to know

The best way to improve your hiring process is to significantly shorten your hiring time. Here are the 4 recruitment techniques you need to consider:

  1. Make concise and accurate job postings (Filter out the candidates)
  2. The coding tests should be short and to the point (Live interview with some coding tests)
  3. Know the importance of the recruitment metrics (Closely track down the key metrics)
  4. Automation (Reduce the manual work and the chance for errors)

Smooth-running hiring is a competitive advantage.

Tech talent is crucial for the success and development of your company. You need to be certain that your business has talented IT professionals to lead your company successfully. Smooth-running your company’s hiring will give your business an improvement and a significant advantage with your completion. Also, the best part about it is that it will save you money and time.