11 Tech Recruiting Skills to Look For When Hiring Tech Talent

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

The digital world is quickly evolving, creating a greater demand for highly trained IT professionals.

Companies that want to flourish and achieve a competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing industry must have the proper IT personnel to support their creative growth strategy.

11 Attributes to Look For When Hiring Tech Talent

Technical Abilities

Tech recruits must be well-versed in computer programming. Developers will need to know how to create software or apps from the ground up, requiring strong coding abilities.

A good developer should be able to produce clear, high-quality code and be knowledgeable about various programming languages.

Problem-Solving Ability

One of the most important talents a software engineer should get is problem-solving. Your potential tech recruit should demonstrate their ability to identify problems and propose effective solutions rapidly. A competent software developer must be able to think creatively.

Ability to Hit the Ground Running

Software development is a rapidly changing field. It would be ideal for a developer to adapt to current trends and swiftly and efficiently apply them to the business.

A skilled programmer should be able to adapt to your business environment and begin working quickly.

Team Player

Software development necessitates a great deal of teamwork. Developers will have to collaborate with designers, clients, and other developers.

As a result, one of the qualities to look for in a software engineer is working well with others. A software developer should be able to write code that other developers can understand. He or she must also be able to accept and provide constructive comments.

Communication Abilities

Communication is a fundamental component of all business processes. A little failure in communication may have serious consequences for a company.

As a result, potential tech recruits must be able to explain project requirements and address issues or concerns.

Cultural Appropriation

You must ensure that potential workers fit into your corporate culture. A similar procedure is required for technical recruiting.

Ascertain if the developer has the same principles as your organization and that his aims are in line with yours. This will guarantee that they put their abilities to use in order to create corporate success.


Curiosity is a powerful fuel for new inventions and personal growth. Examine potential tech recruits to see how interested they are and how effectively they explore and learn new topics on their own.

This skill guarantees that the tech talent is up to speed on industry trends and is constantly looking for methods to improve existing products and designs.


A software developer who is enthusiastic about his or her work will be five times more productive than one who is only interested in the money. An enthusiastic software engineer will want to experiment with new technologies and push themselves to their limits.

He or she would not need to be urged to work extra hours to complete a project since he or she is inwardly driven to do so.


To avoid losing previous work, a skilled software developer should understand how to use version control systems.

They should also have an analytical mentality that allows them to recognize possible issue areas and generate appropriate solutions. They must be able to create well-thought-out and tested code with dexterity and inventiveness.


Working on projects such as product development and design necessitates a high level of concentration. The ability to focus and keep their eyes on the ball is one quality that tech employees must have. You want a tech hire who is passionate about their profession while still focusing on the immediate and long-term goals at hand.

A tech hire who can demonstrate a strong grasp of what they are doing and why they are doing it will be a valuable asset in ensuring that critical activities are done on time.


Typically, software engineers must manage numerous projects with short deadlines. At any one time, a skilled software engineer should be able to prioritize and manage all of the various milestones of the project they are in charge of.

Companies who wish to hire the best tech talent must first create an efficient and bias-free hiring procedure.