Promoting Your Job Advertisement in a Crowded Tech Space

Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

It is known that attracting the right talent and job candidates start with a great, unique, and inviting job posting. The tech industry is very competitive and consists of a clogged talent market, this can make getting your ad seen very difficult. 

The recent pandemic has not helped the tech industry, it has now made things even more challenging, requiring most communication and jobs into the virtual space.

Combining Various Channels 

Collaborating with recruiting and marketing teams is essential when creating and posting your job advertisement. 

Having a detailed and quality job description is very important. Not only that but the communication method is also key. As a company, you need to decide the best form of communication for your candidates to contact you. This can include social media, telephone, email, etc. 

You can use different platforms to promote your job advertisement, including, social media, job boards, referrals, etc. This will provide more maneuverable space when candidates want to reach out to software developers. 

Social media has become one of the most used platforms for job postings. Companies regularly use social media and assume candidates will already be connected to their page. With the use of social media advertisements, you can also pay to promote your job posting and select a specific audience. Social media should not be the only place you post your job advertisement as this could be limiting the scope of candidates as well. 

Job boards as also really great ways for sourcing candidates. You can create a custom posting, using precise job descriptions, media, and questionnaires to start the interview process. 

Referrals are the most useful and effective promotional tool for recruiters. They happen in our everyday life and can not be artificially driven or programmatically marketed. Your newly hired employees are typically the best brand ambassadors you could wish for.

Job Posting Tips 

Being creative and enhancing your job posting can really attract the perfect candidates. Using rich content such as photos or videos is very important in your posting. It will enhance the overall visibility and give better cues of what your candidates can expect from a certain job. 

Job titles, this is the first thing your candidates will see. It is important to make them very clear and job-specific. Use the exact job title you’re looking for. This will also improve your SEO results.

Salary transparency is very important and provides a sense of respect for developers as potential employees.

  • Use coding and technical language
  • Keep it easy to read and understand
  • Outline must-have skills and nice-to-have skills

In conclusion, keep your job postings simple to read, specific must-have skills outlined, and optimize communication. Posting through various channels will get your advertisement seen more and will increase your applications for the job.