Creative Ways You Can Recruit Future Employees

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

There are many reasons why hiring the perfect employee may be difficult, whether it’s skill shortages, increased competition, or economic uncertainty. Sometimes you don’t even know how to attract the right candidates to your job posting.

In this article, we will touch upon five creative and inviting ways to search for potential employee candidates.

Use of Social Media

Nowadays, social media marketing is huge. It is one of your most powerful tools when recruiting potential employees. Social media has a ton of potential for your company, from recruiting to advertising. 

You can create original posts through pictures and videos. This can be posted permanently, on a 24-hour story, or even paid to advertise. If you choose to pay to advertise, you can select a specific demographic that you are looking to hire. Hashtags can also be used on your social media posts to get your video/photos trending.

When using social media, you can showcase your opening job positions by creating videos to show and talk about your company, job openings, and specific qualities you’re looking for in that candidate. 

Think Bigger Picture

You can think of creative ways to share your job opening that may require a specif skill to find the posting. For example, Apple hid their engineering job application within a code on their website. This meant only skilled people would be able to find it and apply.

Consider a skill you desire in your future employee and find a creative way to use that skill within the job application.

Creative & Fun

A unique way you can appeal to candidates is by the use of games and active engagement. 

For example creating puzzles, quizzes challenges, and other types of evaluations that would test their creativity, aptitude, and problem-solving skills. 

Not only does this make it interesting for your candidate, but it allows you to see their skills and capabilities. Instead of asking regular questions, you can turn the interview/screen process into a fun game. 

Virtual Reality

This may not be something that appeals to all companies, but it’s definitely unique, modern and will make you stand out as an employer. You can use virtual reality by having your candidate view your workplace, potential office, other colleagues, etc. It will give them a better perspective of what their day-to-day job may look like upon hire.

Open House

If you prefer to steer away from technology when looking for job candidates, you can always host an open house. This is a basic, fun, and interactive way to meet and interview potential employees. One of the many benefits to an open house is there is not a lot of added pressure on the candidates. It can be very casual with drinks and lunch.

Be Creative

Although it is fun and great to be creative when searching for the perfect employee, it is also important to be realistic and stick to what fits your company best. Keep in mind your budget, time, and what is really important when it comes to the interview and job candidate search.