How to Hire Software Developers in 2022

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

One of the most significant challenges in the line of work for hiring managers and recruiters is how to go about hiring good software developers. This has become more competitive as there has been a recent projection that the demand for software developers will skyrocket in subsequent years as opposed to what is currently obtainable. There will be positions but not enough developers to fill them up. The implication of this is that certain companies get to lose their priced and talented developers. So, the big question then comes; how do we shuffle between this disparity in demands and supply?

Who is a Software Developer?

A professional who creates, builds, tests, and maintains the codes for computer programs that people can utilize for specific tasks. It is generally known that the role a software developer is applying for determines what skill and languages they need to possess.

So, what to look out for while planning to hire a Software developer?

  • Sound and requisite knowledge of AWS

Of notable importance while planning to hire a software developer is the sound knowledge of platforms such as AWS and Azure. The knowledge of these platforms has become expedient because many software companies have switched to the cloud. The cloud, because of its scalability and ease with its use.

  • Incredible mastery of big data

A software developer should be one who has gained mastery in developing projects that have to do with big data. Such could include analysis of large volumes of data or systematic extraction of a large bulk of data. Projects bordering on artificial intelligence, machine learning are gaining volumes in recent times; asides from this, most applications use enormous data these days. This is why gaining mastery with big data puts a software developer at a higher edge and a better chance to quickly get jobs in the future.

  • Versatility

Be on the lookout for a highly versatile software developer in coding languages. This way, you have a developer who can function in several capacities in your company using various programming codes/languages as it demands.

  • A great portfolio

It is easy to decipher great developers by their portfolios most of the time. Go all out for the software developer profile you desire to hire; look out for their knowledge and abilities and how it will suit your company’s desires.

  • Soft skills?

Soft skills such as a strong team spirit, excellent communication skills, and accountability are fundamental skills that a software developer should possess.

Steps to hiring a software developer

Make a specific job listing: Do well to be detailed about your company’s needs and what you intend on developing. This helps you to attract the best developer for the job.

Make it a challenge: Adopt a system to make software developers undergo skill tests that they will remember. This way, they see getting a placement in your company as something worth it.

Adopt a paid test trial: This could help you develop a tie-breaker between or amongst software developers who seem fit for the opening in your company.