How to Hire Web Developers- The Ultimate Guide for 2022

Photo by Surface on Unsplash

A web developer transforms a website design into a fully functional website using their knowledge of various programming languages and a keen eye for a good user experience.

Web developers could specialize in front-end, back-end, or full-stack web development. Although there are traits common to all web developers, you need to look out for the characteristics and skillset you desire to get the work done.

A Front-end developer

This individual works on the front end of the website. They are responsible for what the website visitor sees and interacts with. A good front-end developer needs to master effectively at least three programming languages; HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which all help to contribute to the general outlook and perception of the website.

Sound knowledge of mobile development and responsive design is also required from a Front-end developer. Being mobile responsive means that the design can adapt to the user’s screen size. A great Front-end developer is also expected to fully grasp content management systems such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc.

Back-end developers are saddled with writing a clean code that connects the website’s server and databases to the front end for a fully functional and flawless website. A Back-end developer needs to be very sound in a few languages such as Python, Java, and many more. A Back-end developer who is also sound in the application program interface and database knowledge will also come in handy.

A Full-stack web developer is the best of both worlds as they understand the basics of both user-facing and server-facing aspects of a website or application. This means that a full-stack web developer can see the whole development project from start to finish. A full-stack web developer has to have a sound knowledge of front-end and back-end development. Asides from this, they need to be creative, highly analytic, focused, and well able to manage both ends of the project.

So, how then do you hire web developers?

Know what you want: Start by writing out a detailed job description. By so doing, you already have an idea of which developer your company is in dire need of and the skills required of such a developer to get you just the results you desire.

Offer more than competitive pay: Generally, web developers get fairly paid, and there could be a significant raise depending on specialization, location, and other factors. To attract a web developer, be willing to do more than the competition. Provide an avenue for leadership opportunities and the chance to work on a new and exciting technology to advance their skills. Offer work flexibility, excellent healthcare, and many other fringe benefits that would capture the attention of any web developer.

Subject them to a skill test: Adopt a pre-employment assessment tool that would help test your applicants’ knowledge as soon as they apply. This would help to decrease your initial screening time and give more room to focus on testing for problem-solving skills.