Recruiting and Rewarding Staff Post COVID-19

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Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

When COVID-19 hit, a lot of companies had to start rethinking how they were going to entice potential new employees to come work for them. Even now, a lot of businesses have been affected by the sudden changes they have had to make, but now that the threat from COVID has died down, how are companies going to get back to where they once were?

With people’s shifted priorities, finding the right hiring methods and subsequent rewarding incentives has been more important now than they’ve ever been. Below we will be discussing the best methods for hiring new employees and rewarding those new employees.

1.     Hire and reward with flexibility

With most of the world going into lockdown over a year ago, a lot of people’s perspective on work-life has changed. With being able to work from home, employees have found themselves more relaxed and, as a result, have become more productive.

As such businesses are now faced with a new situation, hybrid work environments. While many people want to work in an office space, there are more that have found they work better at home, and as a result, employers have had to quickly change their mindset.

One way that employers can use this flexibility to their advantage is to hire new talent with the option of working remotely. With some people still not fully wanting to return to office space and possibly contract COVID, offering a remote position could entice more talent to apply for your position.

2.     Focus on workplace stability

With numerous businesses having to close their doors globally, it’s understandable that business owners are in a panic as such; not everyone sees this new flexible workforce as an advantage.

The moment a business starts to look troubled, employers will immediately start mistaking the flexibility as workplace instability, which adds more anxiety in panic in a modern workplace.

When you’re looking to hire new employees, you must always showcase the best of what your business has, and this includes instability. It’s up to you to ensure that your business is stable before adding more talent to your roster.

3.     Demand for transparency grows

Since a lot of people were losing their due to COVID, job security became a big factor for many when looking for new work. An employees’ trust in a business was starting to be questioned, and everyone was wondering if they would be next to lose their jobs. While being transparent with your employees is not a reward, it is a courtesy and a step in the right direction for getting them to trust you. If potential talent knows that you are transparent with your employees, they are more likely to apply for your available position. This can increase your reputation and image amongst your colleagues and employees.

4.     Focus on retention

When looking at filling a position or acquiring someone with a new skill, a lot of employers tend to overlook their existing talent in favor of new ones. Focus on looking internally for someone with a certain skill or put some time into training your existing employees. It could be a beneficial outcome, especially if your business relies on innovation and new ideas.

5. Make culture and environment matter

One aspect that businesses tend to neglect is their employee’s culture and making accommodations for it. If you create a work environment that is accepting and creates a safe, respectable space, then your employees are going to feel more compelled to stay with your company.