The 5 Biggest Challenges of Hiring Online and How to Overcome Them

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Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash

As the world turns more to online solutions every day, hiring has become the next sector to be affected. While this is a logical next step in light of the pandemic and the changing nature of working in general, it can leave companies with many feelings of unease. It may feel impossible to get to know someone without first meeting them or feel comfortable offering a job to someone you’ve never spoken to face-to-face.

Online recruiting is such an essential piece of hiring now that companies are making a wide variety of mistakes. To help you successfully navigate these strange new areas, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most common challenges you face with online hiring and how to avoid them.

How to Avoid the Most Common Online Hiring Mistakes

1. Attract the Right Candidates

Not every person who selects your job posting will be the perfect candidate. While this is the reality of hiring, there are also steps you can take to ensure you’re attracting suitable candidates from the beginning.

Implement a pre-screening round: Using a brief survey, filter out wrong candidates. Keep it short and sweet; no one wants to answer a 30-minute test just to apply for a job, not even the right candidate. Ask quick and easy questions: Can you work in this country, what are your basic qualifications, etc

Ensure your job description fits: Know precisely what the job entails, what skills are needed, and what the team needs from a candidate. Ensure all the information on the description accurately reflects what you would want a person to have in that position.

Display your brand’s personality: One of the leading causes of workplace issues is personality-based. Making sure potential candidates fit brand culture prevents you from dealing with potential problems down the road.

2. Navigate Online Recruiting Tools

If you’re only just setting out in online hiring, learning the tools can feel overwhelming. The two problems to focus on and their solutions are:

Keep an overview of candidates: Using an applicant tracking system can help keep you from feeling overwhelmed by applicants in different stages of the hiring process.

Schedule interviews online: Using online tools like Calendly to schedule interviews streamlines the process for you and the applicant.

3. Stay On Top of Emails

Emails are a great form of communication but can pose an organizational problem. If you’re receiving 50 emails a day, finding the relevant email can take more time than answering it.

A trick for this is to create dedicated folders. This lets you put an email in the appropriate place as soon as you’ve dealt with it, clean your inbox, work as a to-do list of sorts, and keep you organized.

4. Expand Your Reach Online

Hiring online means having access to a broader range of places to advertise the open position. Using a wide variety of online platforms like LinkedIn, networking through former employees or past applicants, and looking for talent among your user base allow you to be creative about where you’re finding great talent.

5. Streamline Hiring

Most candidates are actively interviewing for several positions at once. Lengthy interview processes put you behind competitors who have found ways to make their operations faster and more appealing to potential candidates.

Overcoming Online Challenges Leads to Stronger Companies

Hiring is a crucial part of bringing a company into the future. This means perfecting your hiring process so you can quickly find the next team member that will help your company move forward. Online hiring is the future of hiring, and using these tips and tricks to make that process as painless as possible will ensure a bright future for your company.