How to Write Inclusive Job Ads


Writing inclusive jobs and promoting diversity is a proven method of improving results and increasing reputation. Certain tools, such as unbiased recruitment strategies, carefully constructed roles, and responsibilities, are needed for this to be effective. By adding simple recruiting and linguistic styles to the mix, you will be able to attract and hire diverse people, contributing to building a healthy and heterogeneous organization.

What is an Inclusive Job Description?

It communicates the company’s major commitment to attracting and retaining talented individuals to provide potential hires with a realistic career path within the company.

Importance of Inclusive Job Hiring 

While writing and distributing an inclusive job posting is the start of a great journey, it initiates a chain reaction that leads to amazing results and, in turn, allows you to focus on other areas of the hiring process. 

The following points should be considered after you have determined your hiring needs and outlined a fail-proof strategy:

  • Improved recruitment process
  • Increased productivity and motivation
  • Better employee experience and engagement
  • Stronger company culture
  • More unique ideas and new approaches
  • Enhanced results and quick problem-solving

Five Tips on Writing an Inclusive Job Ad

1. Inclusive Job Ads using a gender-neutral language

In 2015, Buffer, the popular social media management tool, reported that only 2% of its applicants for development positions were female. 55% of applicants paid attention to the wording when applying for buffer vacancies, using lots of male-coded words like “hacker.”. Using words associated with either gender gives the wrong impression to talents.

2. Best Examples of Inclusive Job Description don’t include Jargon

Companies who use corporate terminology primarily used by their staff in their job listings may scare away candidates. When trying to attract experienced industry professionals, it is important to avoid using strictly industry-specific phrases.

3. Highlight Policies and Benefits that reflect your attitude toward Diversity and Inclusion

When attracting, hiring, and retaining employees, employee benefits are crucial. An inclusive and thoughtful Job Description that considers people with various backgrounds, aims, and needs is the key to creating the best and most comprehensive packages.

4. Speak out to people with disabilities

Make your recruitment tactics and Job Description unbiased, but don’t forget about candidates with physical or cognitive disabilities. The terms used in this process must not alienate talents with disabilities.

5. Eliminate Age, Culture, and Racial Bias

  • Do not include any racially or culturally explicit words in your JDs.
  • Certain dress codes may also exclude certain groups of people. There should be careful consideration given to expectations and rules.
  • Companies often disregard non-native speakers’ language abilities when looking for native English speakers, despite some non-native speakers’ depth of knowledge and ability to do the work equally.

Using a Recruitment Automation Tool for Inclusive Language in Job Ads

Automated recruitment tools are essential for attracting diverse candidates to job postings. In-house recruiters and recruitment agencies need tools to streamline their processes and achieve better results faster, and these tools are perfect for them.