The Most Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategies for 2022

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Recruiting the right talent for your organization can be challenging, especially in such a competitive market. Reaching out on LinkedIn blindly, asking your current employees for referrals, and attending virtual and in-person career fairs may not be enough.

An overview of recruitment marketing

You can use recruitment marketing to build your online presence, so you’re found in search engine results when candidates begin their job hunts. This can also generate applications and reach suitable candidates when they’re ready to apply. Recruitment marketing differs from recruitment because it brings talent to you rather than searching for candidates.

2022’s top recruitment marketing strategies

  • Create a careers page on your website to attract users

Most job seekers get their first impression of your organization from your website. Using it, you can promote open positions and communicate about your benefits. A robust search engine optimization strategy is also required for your website to appear in search results.

  • Boost your brand’s social media presence organically

Candidates can learn a great deal about your organization and culture from social media. It’s easy to share culture-related content on social media because it is meant as a social platform. You could share a news story about an event in the office or a feature on your employees. Social media leads are seven times more likely to convert than any other kind of lead.

  • Review sites are a very effective way to manage your employer’s brand

A company with an active employer brand is more likely to attract 75% of job seekers. As a recruitment marketer, you can’t ignore the importance of managing your employer’s brand. Even if your employee reviews are negative, you can influence your organization’s change by using them.

  • Post your organization’s job openings on job boards

If you promote your openings on those job boards, you will have a better chance of attracting the right applicants. Job board advertising can help you get your open positions in front of candidates, increasing the chance they will click on your posting instead of one of your competitors.

  • Using live chat to engage prospective employees

Engaging prospects with live chat is easy when you have it on your career site or page. You can engage candidates and boost your recruitment marketing efforts by offering live chat on your website. Later on, you can follow up with the lead information collected during the process.

  • Retain your brand’s attention with email marketing

Keeping your organization relevant and on top of mind through email marketing is crucial when you’re looking for talented employees. Make sure you consider what prospective employees would be interested in and how your brand can differentiate itself.

  • Engage candidates through video marketing

In comparison to any other content you create, videos enable you to connect with potential employees on a more personal level. Your organization can use video marketing to showcase its culture, educate employees on what the company does, and highlight employee testimonials. Video retains 95% more information than text.

  • Manage listings so you can be contacted easily

There is no doubt that recruitment marketing is one of the most important recruitment marketing strategies, but it is often overlooked. Candidates are likely to encounter your Google Business Profile, Yelp, and CitySearch listings when searching for your organization. Make sure your business is listed accurately so candidates can get in touch with you with the right information.