Why Your Job Add Received So Little Attention?

Photo by Magnet.me on Unsplash

When posting a job opening, every company wishes to have as many applications and resumes for the selection process as possible. They write a job description as an appealing opportunity and expect candidates to overwhelm them with motivation letters and CVs. Sometimes, no matter how the job opening sounds or how widely you post it and send it around, it does not attract the attention you need.

Why does it happen? There are many reasons behind this, but the key to solving them lies in your hands. Let us see how we can use them and overcome the difficulties. So, people do not apply to your job opening. Why?

Your Brand Is Not Trustworthy

No one likes to hear it, but it is how it is. Many people check out reviews on open positions. They want to know in advance what they can expect. And when a company has poor reviews online, they tend to back up. No brand needs this sort of negative attention. How to fix it? You need to have a systematic approach and go internally. Discuss with people who work for you, and ask them for their honest opinion, input, or advice. Indeed, people are sometimes reluctant to share thoughts when asked to do so on the open floor. Then go and create questionnaires and do your best to have good feedback. When your employees see that you are serious about addressing the issues, they will be more open to the idea of supporting your brand. And your brand needs only positive reviews.

You Have A Little Experience With New Candidates

If you are not used to having new people in, or your procedures are not that employee-friendly, it can also be an issue. All negative experiences tend to end up online. If potential job seekers find this about your brand, they may be reluctant to apply. Their job search does not start at the interview but long before. Work on your procedures and applications.

No Salary Information

Whatever we might seam at the HR recruitment events, salary is a significant element of every job opening. We tend to tell people not to ask for it immediately, but we should at least list it in the job description. This way, you will have candidates who are interested in the job and agree with your offer. At least a range will do. If your budget is not that up to speed with the job description, you should add some other values to your position.

No Remote Working Hours

The last few years have proven that there are jobs to be implemented remotely. Sometimes employees search for job opportunities that offer at least the possibility of remote work. You might think about opening up to this possibility.

Poor Website

If your website does not look appealing, if the latest information is old, if the design is not friendly to one’s eyes or mobile friendly, and if the content does not tell much about what you do, people tend to give up. It is simple: it seems to them that you are not professional. Your website is your ID and the best commercial for your business. Work on it. Address your SEO strategy to improve your business’s visibility over the internet. Rank yourself on Google.

Poor Application Procedures

You have poor applications or job posts with applications that do not arrive at one place and take some time to readdress and process. It is not working for strong candidates. They can not wait for your overwhelming procedures. Be efficient. Have an HR manager, have your job vacancies up to date, and be employee friendly.

Too Broad Job Description

Make it to the point. No one wants to read long essays about your company, its values, and its activities. Be clear about what you want. Who do you need, why, what is the job, and what is the salary range? Only this way one can attract strong candidates.

Too Much Work for Too Little Money

If the job description looks like endless bullet points of various requirements, job seekers might find it repulsive. After all, they want a solid workload, definite work hours, and free weekends. Ask yourself: do you tend to read long texts and descriptions? Neither do job seekers.

Posting the Same Add All Over the Place

Posting the same ad all over the place is to attract as many applicants, but it is confusing to the job seekers and your HR staff. People tend to apply using all contact forms, and the HR staff doesn’t know how many candidates are there. Go for simple.