Recruiting Strategies That Work – Use Creativity in Your Favor

Photo by Alena Darmel:

Have you ever considered how exhausting the recruiting process is? Same old job posts all over social media and LinkedIn. On this last one, it’s so over-saturated with recruiters and unoptimized employee accounts that it is impossible to meet ends with ease. Sometimes the process is too impersonal for the applicants, and for the companies finding a person able to meet all the criteria is like finding a unicorn.

So, there’s a solution to this case: creative measures to recruit more efficiently. Implementing out-of-the-box recruiting strategies doesn’t necessarily mean creating a viral video or some spectacular hook to get the people to apply, but creative thinking will help cut through the sea of job listings. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hosting a hiring event

Half networking, half recruiting event! A hiring event can create the perfect atmosphere to bring candidates and hiring managers together in the same space. Invite as many job seekers as possible and interestingly present your brand. 

  • College career centers

Valuable in employer outreach, particularly to companies that are interested in hiring entry-level candidates or first-job seekers. College career counselors work along with students and companies to promote new hiring, presenting companies with their best students and helping students find new, stable jobs.

  • Previous applicants

Even though a person wasn’t chosen for a role, it’s still possible to fill in a job vacancy. Keep those contacts in a proper database and contact the ones who fit the job vacancy. 

  • Employee referral program

Inside connections can put a candidate in front of the other; at the same time, creating a bonus for those employees referring the right candidates and doing the extra work for you, it’s a win-win situation. It is proven that companies can save thousands of dollars in the recruiting process if an employee refers a candidate, and it is so much easier for the person applying for the job as they have some idea of the modus operand.

  • Create catchy content on social media

Since candidates are very interested in learning more about the company before going to an interview or accepting a new role, using creatives to explain the company’s story or the work environment can be a plus. Highlight the best features and bonuses about working for the company! The right content should inform, inspire, and help to develop enthusiasm for the brand.

  •  Explore promotional opportunities

HR is the best force of a company and can make a huge difference in how a company performs at various levels. With the level of difficulty in finding the right job and the right person for a role, it’s attractive to partner with other organizations, for example: co-hosting events with a company in a complementary industry, trying a creative strategy on social media, sponsorships can aid in bringing additional recognition to your brand; partner with a company which is specialized in finding people through digital platforms like Snapchat, Reddit or even TikTok, due to its reach! It’s really incredible how a slight difference in a recruiting process can bring you good results.