How to Boost the Number of Job Applications

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Research shows that for every job posting, there are around 250 candidates. Yet, you should only anticipate a flood of applications if you post a job ad.

Candidates may be more hesitant to apply to work for a startup since they need to learn more about the organization. However, some methods may be used to boost the number of applicants.

If you want to know how to increase the likelihood that potential employees will see your job posting, read on.

Produce a Professional Profile

While most people looking for work will use a site like LinkedIn or a job board like Indeed, you should consider the possibility that some people may look for your firm online. That’s why having a dedicated landing page for your profession is crucial. Since it’s housed on your website, you get extra analytics data and the benefits of increased organic traffic to your available positions.

Remember that leveraging your employer brand is essential to the success of your landing page. Like any other kind of advertising, recruiting requires you to get your name and the name of the firm you’re working for to the right people. Describe your company’s benefits and why they would fit the applicants well.

Increase your page’s visibility in search results by optimizing it for certain keywords. More people will apply to your company if it appears on the first page of a search engine.

Provide Salary Details

Salary information in job postings is contentious, but it may be beneficial if your offer is competitive with the market. Remember that certain states now mandate to include such details in job advertisements. This is the case in Colorado and Washington.

Including it in the job description is advantageous, even if you are not recruiting in a state that mandates it. More people willing to work for that wage will apply for the position, saving you time, and they may be of higher quality.

Include a salary range and other details during the preliminary screening step if you feel uncomfortable disclosing the precise income.

Provide a Simple Application Procedure

If an applicant is going to apply to hundreds of jobs, the application process must be simple. Candidates who encounter obstacles throughout the application process are more likely to withdraw from consideration for open positions.

The procedure may be simplified by giving each stage your full attention. If a new method of interviewing doesn’t provide better results, ditch it. The applicant may save time by uploading their résumé instead than filling out forms that duplicate information already provided.

The percentage of job-seekers who become applicants improves by 365% if the application can be completed in less than five minutes.

Make Clear and Concise Job Descriptions

Aside from streamlining the application process, writing straightforward job postings is highly recommended. People will only stick around for that section of your job description if there is so much information online. They will probably skim it, so keep it short and sweet.

Incorporate bullet points and bold text, and avoid lengthy descriptions. Instead of including things that seem good on paper but aren’t necessary for the job, it’s better to focus only on the skills you’ll need to do the job.

It’s important to choose keywords that eligible applicants would use to find your job posting when crafting a job title. Based on this information, they may then choose whether or not they want to apply for the job.

Exhibit Your Cultural Differences

Your diversity and inclusion initiatives should be promoted whenever possible, including in job postings, your career landing page, and your online communications. Demonstrate how your organization treats people of all backgrounds with respect and dignity.

You may either speak about your diversity initiatives or provide testimonials from workers at your organization. Alternatively, you might provide concrete evidence of the company’s inclusive culture.

Research shows that applicants value diversity highly when deciding whether to apply for a job.

You Need a Site That Works Well on All Devices

There was a 35% disparity between the number of firms in the Fortune 500 that had mobile-friendly job pages and the total number of organizations. Further, a poll conducted by Glassdoor found that over half of their customers utilize their mobile devices to submit job applications.

You can catch qualified candidates who are doing mobile job searches. You may lose candidates because they need help to apply for jobs from their phones. Most Google searches now originate from mobile devices; therefore, you need more to optimize your site for these devices to positively impact your business.

A significant uptick in applications is possible with mobile-friendly site design and shortening of the application process.

Use Keywords

Having a well-optimized website is crucial, but having well-optimized job descriptions is as important. More people will see your job posting if you optimize it for search engines.

Search social media or Google for “similar job descriptions” if you’re at a loss for what terms to use. Check to see if there are any repeating keyword combinations, and use them in your description.

Google Analytics can tell you how often visitors seek a certain term if you want to go further. Optimizing your job posting may be furthered by including images of past employees doing the work. In addition, visuals like photos and videos tend to grab people’s attention and might make your ad more noticeable.

Use the Force of AI to Your Advantage

The recruitment industry is seeing a dramatic transformation because of the advent of AI. There are many ways to use it, but one is to analyze and refine your job postings to increase the quality of applicants.

Although this may help attract applicants, it can also be used to actively seek out passive prospects. Most qualified job seekers are sitting on the sidelines, but you may find and contact the top prospects with the aid of artificial intelligence software solutions.

Combining this method and the widespread promotion of job openings should provide a large pool of qualified applicants. If many people apply to your job ad, you may use an applicant monitoring system with built-in AI to assist you in choosing the best ones.