How to Use Video for Recruitment: A Step-by-Step Guide

Reports and statistics show that videos make up the vast majority (82%) of all internet traffic. So, if you want to attract the greatest talent, you need to accept the obvious: video will likely play a central role in the recruiting process of the future. Then, what exactly are recruitment videos? How can I effectively create them and implement a plan to get them in front of more eyes? This quick read can help you pinpoint your goals and interest more suitable people.

Important information to know before utilizing recruitment videos

The three main reasons businesses use videos to promote job openings and enhance the application process have now been discussed. Here are the statistics that support their conclusions:

  • Compared to plain text listings, those including multimedia (pictures and videos) get 34% more applicants.
  • By 2030, millennials will account for 75% of the global labor force. Research shows that they are more likely to respond favorably to advertising that combines video marketing with a straightforward design.
  • With 61 million members of Generation Z now joining the labor field, the verdict is quite obvious.
  • Finally, over 80% of skilled workers use mobile devices to conduct job searches. Of course, you already know that video is the undisputed king of both mobile marketing and job searches.

Do recruitment videos work?

Recruiters need to maintain their inner marketer. And they need to ensure that all their recruitment activities contribute to their brand as an employer. So, you’ll need to get creative in how you advertise, where you get people, and how you screen them. The use of recruitment videos can help with this. Do they work, and if so, how well? Explore the possibility of a look.

The use of recruitment videos can save costs and increase efficiency.

Job advertisements with videos get more qualified applications without you having to invest time or energy in many promotion methods and platforms. This means more people apply in less time. Doing so will save overall hiring time and costs.

When assessing and interviewing candidates, video recordings are finally effective. Put aside laborious processes, email exchanges, etc. Do your best to maintain order.

Video improves the applicant experience and increases engagement.

There are various motivations to carefully consider the candidate’s experience and participation. A plethora of options for doing so is also readily available. All you need to do is put in the time to listen to the talents and be flexible enough to adapt your strategy to meet their requirements. And recruitment videos are a certain approach to launching a candidate journey that will generate outcomes, foster connections, and introduce novel options. This information is useful from the beginning, during the awareness phase. Now is the time to use this potent medium to promote your brand, culture, and values. However, that’s not the only situation in which this method can be useful. Maintain this level of individualized communication throughout the whole employment process.

Your brand will benefit from high-quality (and diversified) content.

When did you last share anything very clever that went viral, receiving many likes and comments? It’s not uncommon to find an exact copy of your post on a rival company’s social media website. Copycats of well-known brands do exist. And these ought to be the proof you need that you’re killing it in recruitment and marketing. Therefore, the best strategy to advertise your company is to provide a wide variety of material and write compelling, easy-to-understand job descriptions. Moreover, after incorporating some elementary yet captivating videos, you will be well on your way!

Displaying your organization as a fantastic place to work requires varied, entertaining, educational, and visually appealing material.