Tips on Making Recruitment Gen Z-Friendly

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Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

The phrase ‘Generation Z’ (or Gen Z for short) includes people born between 1996 and 2010. Unlike the previous generation, Millennials, Gen Z has a very different perspective on the world. They have grown up surrounded by steadily advancing technology with everything at their fingertips. Gen Z people tend to prioritize communication, education, and learning experiences, and being open-minded. This different mindset means recruitment for the workplace may need to change.

The Focus of Gen Z

Focused on exercising their freedom of speech, as well as creating fairness in all aspects of life, Gen Z extends that to the workplace too. The #BlackLivesMatter movement in 2020 is a good example of what Gen Z thinks of racism. Employees being punished or fired by the companies they work for because people show support for the movement is something they disapprove of.

This generation seeks to break through the walls of important standards such as ethnic, sexual, or language-based discrimination. For the businesses looking to hire any member of Gen Z, knowing what they are passionate about and focused on is very important.

Tips on Making Recruitment Gen Z-Friendly

  • Pay attention to diversity among applicants
  • Advertise diversity if it exists within the company
  • Embrace and encourage collaborative efforts in the company
  • Ensure that all people are treated equally
  • Provide ‘reviews’ from previous employees that highlight a positive business environment
  • Voice opinions and stances on the latest events
  • Utilize social media to build a brand for the company
  • Reach out through social media and encourage people to apply

Gen Z & Their Future

Gen Z recognizes a need for stability, financial and emotional. They make it a point to start planning ahead early on in their lives. Saving money for future expenses, getting part-time jobs, overachieving educationally, and other adult responsibilities typically occupy their thoughts. Ultimately, Gen Z has a goal of settling into a good-paying job, but one they love. Because of that, they enjoy having different work experiences and may job hop until they find what they’re looking for.

Other Tips

Giving Gen Z some kind of freedom in the workplace is much more likely to make them want to apply (and stay if they’ve been hired). Part of that includes being able to have flexibility with their schedules and learning new skills periodically. Internship opportunities that have the possibility of allowing Gen Z people to move up the corporate ladder are a good addition to a business’s recruitment plan. For Gen Z candidates, financial flexibility is another great suggestion. Businesses that offer benefits or are willing to negotiate salary rates would be more likely to attract more Gen Z candidates.


For companies looking to be Gen Z-friendly in their recruitment plans, understanding the thoughts, opinions, and wishes of that generation is highly recommended. Keep in mind that Gen Z has strong thoughts on events and topics related to inequality (i.e., racial, gender, etc.). Thus, having diversity within a company is a sure-fire way to at least get them interested in applying.