Best 5 Tips to Recruiting (& Holding Onto) Developers

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

While obtaining skilled developers and being able to keep them seem like separate processes, they really aren’t. In fact, they are related…and they both start with the hiring process.

Let’s look at the best 5 tips to recruiting and hold on to developers:

  1. Develop A Plan

In order to properly hire an employee, hiring managers and recruiters should develop a hiring plan. This will consist of details like what kind of employee is desired, what skills they should have, an ideal salary range, and more.

  • Have Multiple Steps to the Process

The hiring process shouldn’t be just an interview or online assessment, for example. It should consist of several steps that serve as a funnel for the number of candidates as well as their skillsets. This helps hiring managers and recruiters correctly evaluate the potential those candidates have individually on top of their potential with the company.

  • Craft A Great Job Description

In order to grab the attention of candidates, which must be a priority for the rest of the hiring process, a great job description is needed. Clearly listing responsibilities, employee benefits, information about the company, and requirements are all things that should be listed in the job description. Not only that, but descriptions phrased in an interesting manner are likely to garner more potential applicants.

  • Create A List

Having a list of steps that can be checked off is a useful tool to keep recruiters and hiring managers on top of what they need to do. It also serves them well to create a list of ideal qualities. Checking that list off with each candidate to use as a comparison has been proven to be beneficial too.

  • Conduct A Proper Interview

The interview is a vital part of the hiring process. Every hiring plan should have one, and whether it is given in-person or virtually could depend on the company or job. Ultimately, putting the interview as the last step in the process is the best option.

How to Keep New Employees

  • Bring them into the company physically and mentally
  • Allow them the room to balance their work and personal lives
  • Motivate them periodically
  • Create goals and rewards
  • Create a relationship of honesty (that goes both ways)


Hiring employees is one feat while keeping them is another one entirely. Both require effort on the corporate and candidate sides. However, this aides in creating a solid relationship. Ultimately, developing a good hiring plan, sticking to it, and evaluating candidates fairly are the main things every hiring manager and recruiter should remember.

It starts with the hiring process to pull in qualified employees. While that process ends when a person is hired, holding onto those employees needs to be an ongoing, progressive system between company and employee. Similarly, a well-constructed, thought-out hiring plan is the first step to attracting not only a good selection of candidates but the right kind of candidates who can perform the desired job exceptionally.