Talent Acquisition Vs Recruitment- Hire Smarter with Talent Acquisition

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To delineate between talent acquisition and Recruitment is subtle; however, you must know that they both contribute significantly to the kind of candidates/clients you get for your business and how this eventually imparts on the long-term goals of your business. Let’s look up the differences in both and see how it affects our general outlook on business.

Talent Acquisition

A solution for hiring processes that focuses not just on short-term but also long-term goals. Talent acquisition for any Organization consists of all aspects of Human Resources such as Recruitment, sourcing, and hiring managers. The spotlight for talent acquisition is not just on filling jobs and finding candidates; rather, it also entails relying on data collected in time past to improve hiring and subsequent retention. The main aim of talent acquisition is to hire the right candidate, nurture their talents, and provide the resources and environment needed to thrive and serve the company better.


This means filling up the vacant positions in your company. The need for Recruitment primarily arises when someone is opting out of an important role in the company or when a new person with a specific skill set is desired to join the company to ensure its smooth running.

Difference between Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Looking at both strategies, telling the difference isn’t so hard. Recruitment is the reaction to the particular state of things while talent acquisition is proactive.

Hiring smarter with a Talent Acquisition Tool

To develop a long-term strategy that incorporates talent acquisition, you should know that joint effort is required. Listed below are some of the ways to hire smarter using talent acquisition platforms.

  1. Reduces hire time; The software helps to streamline hiring processes such that not only do job openings get filled faster but money and time is also saved in the process. For example, using an Applicant Tracking System helps to build a talent pipeline where relationships can be cultivated with top talents.
  2. Automate Administrative Functions; Administrative functions are known to consume a lot of time, especially when it has to do with the overall hiring process. Right from application to onboarding, paperwork can be automated to ease and hasten the entire process.
  3. Improves Candidate’s Experience; A difficult hiring process negatively impacts the number of potential employees seen. Hence, automating the entire process makes it free of hurdles for potential candidates, thereby improving their experience.
  4. Onboarding and Training; Talent acquisition software can help streamline the onboarding process for a new hire online, making it easy for both the company and the candidate to track progress and improve accordingly.
  5. Engages Employees; Provide employees with unlimited access to various tools online that engages them, making them feel heard and appreciated.
  6. Increases Productivity; Talent acquisition software provides an avenue to source talent and increase work productivity whether the employees work on-site or remotely.
  7. Measurement of Employment data