How To Overcome the Tech Talent Shortage In 2022

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The number of workers, independent contractors or freelancers, has increased to 42% of the total workforce, and 90% of companies now employ both full-time and freelance staff. Both companies and candidates enjoy a lot of freedom, flexibility, and productivity in these contract positions.  

Using contracts to hire efficiently 

  • Think again about what you need

It costs companies time, doesn’t fill critical roles, and misses out on potential matches when they search for the most qualified candidate without flexibility. Don’t let perfection stand in the way of good. The majority of organizations will still hire a developer even if their role and candidate don’t match. Focus on the most essential elements of qualifications rather than traditional notions of qualification.  

  • Hire the right people

Consider hiring specialized contractors for short-term tasks instead of hiring someone whose skills might not be needed long-term after the project is completed. If you want your job done now, look for a specialist who can do it quickly, not a unicorn.

  • Take your project to the next level

Getting a project up and running quickly is better for tech professionals and hiring managers. Identify your onboarding process and training needs accordingly, especially if you are working with a recruiter partner.  

  • Increase candidate satisfaction and save time

Make long-term contracts or extensions more appealing to candidates. A company’s overhead expenses are reduced while candidates have similar benefits to those of a full-time job. You can save time by avoiding long interview processes and resume reviews for someone who won’t be full-time and focusing on other relevant tasks within the company instead of combing through resumes. 

A competitive IT talent market: how to stand out  

  • A unique approach to recruitment

Hands-on experience is the new requirement for HR professionals instead of a four-year degree. Over half of the contractors are women and they come from communities of color. By diversifying your team and sourcing process, you will be able to find the highest quality talent. Try a neurodiversity program or reach out to institutions that serve historically black or Hispanic communities.

  • Embrace a learning culture

Get your skillsets up to speed before 2022 by learning and building them up. Incorporate specialist skills training and certification programs in-house or seek out external options. Both temporary and permanent employees can enhance their skills through robust training programs. Provide them with opportunities to move up the career ladder.

  • Target specific areas of interest

Talent gaps exist across all sectors, but some are more acute than others. DevOps and cybersecurity roles continue to be in high demand, as well as advanced programming languages such as Python. In addition to easing the technical gaps on your team by using contractors with specific skills, finding contractors who are skilled in specific areas will be of much-increased value to your project.