What Is a Good Mobile Recruitment Strategy

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With the ever-increasing rise of global smartphone use, designing an effective mobile-centered recruitment strategy is becoming integral to modern business models. It has been estimated that by 2025, over 7 billion smartphones will be used at any one time. Moreover, close to 90% of people use mobile devices to search and apply for jobs. The writing on the wall is clear: to reach the best applicants, you’re going to have to adopt a mobile-centered recruitment strategy.

What is a good mobile recruitment strategy?

Thanks to technology, the never-ending evolution of the current marketplace have necessitated a fresh approach to talent acquisition. To upgrade your recruitment strategy, there are some important steps you’ll have to take:

            -Take a look at your current recruitment strategy and compare it to the existing methods of recruitment. Focus on important details that will allow you to optimize your strategy

            -Analyze the market by taking notes of the best practices and templates most used by industry competitors.

            -Utilize tools that fit your specific needs, like AI or gamification recruitment strategies

            -Get inside the head of your candidates by understanding what they desire in the position and offer these as examples on your job description

            -Establish or redefine your brand to ensure exposure to the desired pool of candidates

Additionally, by enhancing the process in which new employees are introduced to your workplace, you can minimize employee dissatisfaction and thus turnover. The employee experience is the most frequently cited factor by workers that quit their job, so pay close attention to whether or not your onboarding process results in satisfied employees.

5 Strategies to improve recruitment

So how can you attract the massive percentage of talent considering new job opportunities?

The following five recruitment strategies tell you everything you need to know:

            -Create an ideal candidate profile for each position. Make sure you know the exact traits and skills needed to fill the position effectively

            -Enhance candidate experience by promoting a positive image of the company through transparency and integrity; provide considerate and constructive feedback for all applicants.

            -Diversify the workplace and remove hiring biases by reviewing and rewriting recruitment ads to be more inclusive. Avoid hiring yes-men, and refer to data rather than subjective instincts when making hiring decisions.

            -Use a range of recruitment metrics to analyze results, and identify gaps or shortfalls stemming from your strategy. Consistently work to enhance your strengths.

            -Construct a mobile-centered recruitment strategy to speed up the hiring process by analyzing proven industry tactics and exploring alternatives.

An effective recruitment strategy isn’t built overnight – rather, it evolves over time and is adjusted with feedback. The following key elements should be studied thoroughly over time to fully understand and effectively implement a mobile-centered recruitment strategy.